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Simple Date-Night Ideas for Music Lovers The UK music industry is once again strengthening with music sales increasing by 1.5% in 2016 according to annual figures released by the trade body BPI. Nothing brings people together quite like music does. The reason behind this is because the arts, and more specifically, music, have the ability and power to stir the senses and trigger emotions that transcends the boundaries of hearts and minds. Music is simple harmony, a universal positive power that knows no limits.

For a lot of people attraction is about physical appearance. For music lovers, it's about sounds. If you can find someone who shares your love for music it often doesn't matter how they look. When two music lovers connect they do so on a grand scale. Getting to know each other is always tricky when going on dates, but by involving music in one way or another you can eliminate a lot of first-date awkwardness. Share your current music interests with your prospective partner but also make the attempt to discover new music together. The internet is inundated with artists promoting themselves, making it easy for you to tap into a vast expanse of global music together.

Date ideas for music lovers

This might seem like an obvious idea because of the countless movie scenes couples are seen shopping for records in but it truly can make for a simple yet cherished date night. Combing through bins of dusty vinyl or searching rows of CD's is a good compatibility indicator as you wait to see what your date finds interesting. The worst-case scenario is also the best as you possibly come to blows over the exact same Beatles LP or Adele single.

Organizing one of your music collections

Music fanatics adore nothing more than organizing their music collections and as with record shopping, it is a great opportunity to scope out your date's musical tastes and see how compatible you are on that front.

Have a YouTube dance party

Grab a couple of beers or a bottle of wine and take turns choosing YouTube videos to watch. You can shamelessly mix your secret guilty pleasures in with your new music finds and see how your date reacts to them. Even if you have been in a relationship for some time great fun can be had with this, especially if you include some dancing into the date.

Pretentious cinema

Self-proclaimed music connoisseurs generally also have very strong opinions when it comes to film, especially film noir or foreign. Take your date to go see a film with subtitles and then discuss it over a cup of coffee or glass of wine afterward.

Go on a musical pilgrimage

There are many cities around the world with a very rich musical history, teaming with musical landmarks. Explore your city together and indulge in all the musical adventures you can come up with. As a couple you don't need to have identical tastes in music to make a date such as this work; relish in the knowledge that you are spending time together and will learn more about your partner's interests and dislikes, thus fortifying your relationship.

A connection made over music is one of the strongest you will ever come across and if nurtured sufficiently could turn into a life-long bond. Music preference is as individualized as taste in food is but a love for and appreciation of music, in general, can form the foundation of a very happy relationship.

Written by Cassie Steele

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