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UK Music Lovers - How to Impress a Mature Women on a First Date

Impress a mature Women on first date

The general understanding is that impressing a mature woman at any age is a difficult task. When you are going on a first date with a mature woman you have to keep in mind a few things.

First you have to keep in mind that a mature woman usually has a stable job and at that point of their life she is looking for a stable partner as well. Choosing the place for a first date is very important. Take her to a nice restaurant where you can talk and hear each other. Crowded places are not the best pick for a first date.

Second, discuss different topics and let her talk and listen to her. Get to know her from what she is asking you and always ask about her opinion as well. Be involved in the conversation. Answer her questions but don't get boring. Keep the conversation without short answers from your side. If you start answering with a short "yes" or "no" is a killer.

Third, being a little bit nervous is something completely normal, especially if you really like the lady. Try to be calm and act normal at least until the date is over.

Fourth, mature woman prefer confident man. They are looking for a stable partner and being confident at a first date is very important. You should keep in mind that we can take care of ourselves, but it's nice to show that you are the man on the table.

Fifth, remember that no matter how old is the lady, we don't like going out on a date and in the end taking him to his apartment because he had one too many. Keep your drinks to no more than two or three.

Sixth, if your phone is ringing all the time or if you get a lot of e-mails and texts on your phone is not very attractive, it gives the impression that you don't want to be on the date and you prefer to be some place else. You should keep your phone on silence and in your pocket, not on the table.

Seventh, when the dinner is over take the lady to her apartment. Tell her how much you enjoyed your night with her. The kiss is the perfect ending! Even if you think that you were not perfect, now is the time to change that. Give her a kiss that will make her want more and it will make up even if the night was not that great.

The last but most important thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to be yourself and be natural. It’s the best way to win over a mature woman, she had enough dates with guys that were trying to be somebody else and it's not what the lady wants.

Be positive and don't be negative and you will win her over!

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